Were you wondering how I became The Original Horseback Writing Flute Player?

A few years ago a couple of friends asked me if I would help them with a mock-up visual for a movie they wanted to make. The movie was going to be about a flute player, her mother, and the impending Rosemont Copper mine near Patagonia, AZ. They wanted to see what it would look like if someone played the flute on a horse. They thought about who they knew who both played flute and could ride a horse. They came up with me! Now, I hadn’t had a horse or been on a horse for many years, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Max, the gorgeous Tennessee Walking Horse in my profile photo, was borrowed from a friend and though the day was windy and no sound came out of the flute, we found out what a flute player on a horse looked like. The movie has been made and my credit reads “Original Horseback Rider playing Flute.” I changed that a little for this blog. Since that day on Max, I have started riding horses again and have two horses of my own now, the beautiful Rocky Mountain Horse, La Roca, and the noble and appropriately named Arabian, Sweet Al. To be quite honest, I was working on my blog page and came back to it and saw that I had inadvertently substitued “writing” for “riding” and I thought, “Yes!” Now I’m writing, and riding, and playing the flute. Not always in equal measure, although all inhabit equal capacity in my heart. Play, ride, write!

You can watch Patagonia Treasure Trail here on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Patagonia-Treasure-Trail-Isabella-Schloss/dp/B07C31WRQ1


Linda Doughty has performed as a professional flutist throughout the US, Mexico and China. She recently retired from professional playing activities and is now concentrating on writing and hanging out with her family and animals.

Writing is pretty brave, but that’s my name.